King’s Raid Tier List June 2020

By | 06/05/2020

King’s Raid game developed by the Vespa which is south Korean Indie game developer company. This game is free to play side-scrolling RPG game. This Korean game was launched in the year 2016 but as time passed its get growing with variant language like South Korean and English. This is a trendy game right now in the RPG Game category on the online platform.

King’s Raid Game

This game has good and light visual 3D graphics which are actually not a 3D but it gives an illusion of 3D game and proved their capability by keeping interested in all the players during the game. This game is about to prepare collection of different SRPG characters. So, each player can have their own character dairy in which they can fill it with good or bad characters from their point of view.


New version launching after 2017 having multiple languages like Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, French, Russian, English, South Korean and many more. So, it shows how this game is popular in these towns. If you are one of the King’s Raid game lovers then it’s a wonderful moment for you to hear that I am going to reveal a King’s Raid Tier List for you.

King’s Raid Tier List

They are declaring the best character list under their official site to show the competition and game environment to the players. As a gamer, you should create your own clan (team) or you can use the character from King’s Raid Tier List 2020.

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King’s Raid (Best Archers for PvP)

S Tier: Requina, Yuria
A Tier: Dimael, Zafie
B Tier: Arch, Luna, Shamilla
C Tier: Selene, Yanne

King’s Raid (Best Archers for PvE)

S Tier: Zafir
A Tier: Requina, Luna, Selene, Yuria
B Tier: Arch, Dimael, Shamilla
C Tier: Yanne

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvP)

S Tier: Fluss, Mirianne
A Tier: Erze, Laudia, Epis, Ezekiel
B Tier: Nia, Reina

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvE)

S Tier: Erze, Epis
A Tier: Ezekiel, Mirianne, Laudia
B Tier: Nia, Reina, Tanya
C Tier: Roi, Gladi, Fluss

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvP)

A Tier: Kara, Lakrak, Annette
B Tier: Chrisha, Crow
C Tier: Oddy, Mitra, Rodina

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King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvE)

A Tier: Lakrak, Miruru
B Tier: Oddy, Kara
C Tier: Mitra, Rodina, Crow

King’s Raid (Best Warriors for PvP)

S Tier: Scarlet, Chase, Bernheim
A Tier: Gau, Kasel, Naila, Viska, Seria
B Tier: Priscilla
C Tier: Theo, Nicky

King’s Raid (Best Warriors for PvE)

S Tier: Gau, Theo, Viska
A Tier: Chase, Kasel, Naila, Seria, Priscilla, Bernheim
B Tier: Nicky
C Tier: Scarlet

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvP)

S Tier: Leo, Rephy, Cassandra
A Tier: Baudouin, Juno, Lucias,
B Tier: Laias, Mediana, Shea
C Tier: Frey, Kaulah, Lavril, May

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvE)

A Tier: Kaulah, Laias, Lavril
B Tier: Lucias, Shea
C Tier: Baudouin, Cassandra, Leo, May

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvP)

S Tier: Maria, Nyx, Pavel
A Tier: Ophelia, Lilia
B Tier: Artemia, Cleo, Lorraine
C Tier: Veronica, Esker, Lewisia, Aisha

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvE)

S Tier: Artemia, Cleo, Nyx
A Tier: Maria, Aisha, Esker, Pavel
B Tier: Lilia, Lorraine, Ophelia
C Tier: Lewisia, Veronica

King’s Raid (Best Knights for PvP)

C Tier: Aselica, Clause, Glenwys, Morrah
A Tier: Dosarta, Phillop, Sonia
B Tier: Jane, Neraxis

King’s Raid (Best Knights for PvE)

S Tier: Clause, Neraxis, Glenwys, Loman
A Tier: Jane, Phillop, Sonia
B Tier: Aselica, Morrah, Demia
C Tier: Ricardo, Dosarta

Categories of King’s Raid Tier List:

There is a total of 7 stages of the game which are classified under these 7 categories listed below:

  1. Archers
  2. Assassins
  3. Mechanics
  4. Warriors
  5. Priests
  6. Wizards
  7. Knights

King’s Raid Game Level System

Most amazingly distributed the game theme. as you see, there is a total of 7 levels which are in increasing mode listed above from the first Archers to last Knights. What does it mean? It’s there for measuring your skill based on your performance and also you should all allotted an opponent based on your skill. Because, if you will be allotted a high skilled opponent you will never win that game and your progress will get affected by the same. So, there is a system of leveling in this game.

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Another nice thing about the game is they are regularly updated (alter) King’s Raid Tier list so with the time you should be better and better. you have to conquer all the upcoming wars as much as you can to make your progress better.

King’s Raid Tier List important Notes:

Some important notes for you, when you are playing a King’s Raid game meanwhile you should look for the King’s Raid Tear List:

  • Your small awareness about the Kings Raid Tier list will help you lot in a game.
  • you can directly find the tier list by entering the level in the search box given in the upper right corner of the blog.
  • Keep in mind that CRS and Labs may not be going to affect by the list.
  • players can you this tier list for computer games as well as for android device games.

We hope you had a great time reading our article and if you still have some queries in King’s Raid Tier List 2020, you should ask the same through our comment box. We will surely give a response as soon as possible but keep one thing in mind that if you play more, you will get more skill and as your skill improve your level will be up rapidly.

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